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Central Harlem Morningside Heights UWS  East Harlem

Vision for District 9

To build a strong, prosperous, and unified NYC Council District 9, I will work with residents of all backgrounds, ages, abilities, ethnicities and races, gender identities and expressions, incomes, and sexual orientation, to restore the pillars of our community:  Economic Recovery, Housing and Development, Education, Physical and Mental Health, Public Safety, Environmental Justice and Civic Engagement.


These community pillars are threatened by pervasive and sustained racial, gender, and economic injustices that have created disproportionate negative outcomes for Black and Brown individuals, families, and communities.  My campaign platform will establish long-term, positive economic, health, and safety outcomes for the residents of City Council District 9. 

Economic Recovery



The COVID-19 pandemic exposed and exacerbated long-standing social and economic inequities.  As your City Council member, I will advance the following policy measures to ensure sustained economic recovery for District 9:

  • Ensure equitable distribution of federal funds to respond to local needs.

  • Create jobs and career pathways that provide fair and living wages and advance worker rights.

  • Establish measures to close the gender and racial pay gaps.

  • Increase access to green and tech jobs in the district through apprenticeships and vocational training and partnerships.

  • Support financial literacy education to help residents eliminate debt, increase savings, build assets, and increase wealth.

  • Increase financial resources to support entrepreneurship, small businesses, Minority and Women-Owned Enterprises (M/WBEs), non-profit organizations, and arts and cultural organizations. 

Education & Youth

The COVID-19 pandemic created serious problems for our already-disadvantaged students and stressed education system.  As your City Council member, I will advance the following measures to improve our education system:

  • Ensure equitable re-opening of public schools and provide for increased broadband access and availability of computers, and other technology.

  • Review public school curriculum and teaching to ensure that the core curriculum taught to all children is inclusive, offers a full range of pedagogical approaches for different learners, and represents the well-being and best interest of all children.

  • Provide intensive remediation of educational shortfalls in education caused by online instruction during the pandemic.

  • Increase childcare resources and afterschool programs available in district with living wage for program staff.

  • Increase Summer Youth Employment Program opportunities for youth in our district.

  • Expand resources for college access programs, increase scholarship opportunities for higher education, and student loan forgiveness programs.

  • Ensure that school leadership teams and CECs are representative of our student body.

Housing and Development

Affordable and high-quality housing in CD 9 must be accessible to all residents regardless of income.  As your City Council member, I will advance the following policy measures:

  • Increase housing affordability,  homeownership opportunities, homeownership access, and eliminate predatory lending practices.

  • Preserve access to NYCHA, Mitchell Lama Coops, HDFCs, and Senior Housing and ensure regular maintenance, upgrading, and sustainability.

  • Increase and maintain tenant supports and protections by extending moratorium on evictions, rent relief assistance, housing-related legal assistance, and measures to combat gentrification and displacement. 

  • Reduce homelessness by providing supports that enable individuals and families to find temporary housing with pathways out of poverty and homelessness. 

  • Promote responsible development including but not limited to mandatory inclusionary housing and zoning, supportive housing, and historic preservation.

  • Enforce safety and habitability codes in rental housing.

Physical and Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored our susceptibility to health crises and the fragility of our economic systems and social networks.  As your City Council Member, I will advance the following  policy measures to improve physical health and mental health outcomes for District 9:

  • Increase funding for and accessibility of medical services, strengthen the public health care hospital networks, adequately staff our medical facilities, and provide adequate salaries and support services for all levels of staff in medical facilities. 

  • Increase diversity among medical staff to serve communities of color more effectively.

  • Ensure the increase of and on-going availability of easy-to-access COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites in District 9 as we continue to combat the pandemic.

  • Launch on-going public education campaigns to address concerns about COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, and to encourage the community to continue wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and social distancing.

  • Increase availability of, access to, and funding for high-quality community-based mental health and wellness services to address issues of depression, addiction, domestic violence, and suicide.

  • Increase resources to improve the health and well-being of pregnant persons, newborns, infants, and children.

  • Increase support for caregivers and essential workers, those who care for our children, our seniors, the physically and mentally ill, and for all of us in the community.

  • Increase the availability and sustainability of healthy and affordable food options throughout the district.

Public Safety

Our communities must be free from violence.  Residents must live safely in their homes and on our streets.  As your City Council member, I will advance the following: 

  • Foster increased community involvement by building strong NYPD/community partnerships to develop community-led health, safety, and restorative justice practices and models. 

  • Redirect resources to invest in youth programs, mental health programs, and poverty-alleviating programs to address critical social service needs.

  • Develop restorative and reparative practices to address hate crimes, racial and gender discrimination, xenophobia, homophobia,  transphobia, and gender-based violence whenever they occur in our homes and on our streets.

  • Promote gun safety and prevent gun violence.

  • Increase sustained support services for justice involved residents to ensure productive reconnection to community and citizenship.

Environmental Justice

Residents of our district deserve an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle—clear air, clean water, and freedom from pollutants. As your City Council member, I will advance the following policies that clean-up and protect our environment: 

  • Promote sustainable development and increase use of renewable energy.

  • Protect the community from environmentally hazardous operations and businesses.

  • Maintain clean streets and regular sanitation services and increase availability of and access to our parks and green spaces.

  • Ensure funding for regular environmentally friendly capital improvements.

  • Ensure reliable, clean, and safe public transportation systems.

Civic Engagement

Residents of our district must become active participants and exercise the rights of full citizenship in our democracy.  As your City Council member, I will protect and expand opportunities for civic engagement: 

  • Create and expand opportunities for young people to actively engage in policy and advocacy, such as student voter registration day.

  • Increase active community involvement in the participatory budgeting process

  • Ensure that Community Boards are inclusive and representative of the residents they serve.

  • Establish year-round voter-education programs (not only during an election cycle).

  • Establish community-based entities to develop and recommend policies that serve the greatest interest of the community.

  • Work with local and citywide faith coalitions, to expand community service and civic partnerships throughout our neighborhoods.